Thank you for having interests in my paw-crafted work. With the links below you can order a high-quality-paint on a shirt or fabric I have in stock. If you looking for something special that is not listed like your own design or a different piece of clothing, custom requests are always welcome – feel free to ask.

Ordering shirts

Ordering underwear

Most people asked me if this can be washed. And the answer is YES! Im using those almost daily and washed some of the pieces more than 20 times. Especially the artwork on the more streacheble underwear has to last all activities im doin from biciyling for up to 120km per day and other sports in the gym like running, weightlifting, aerobics for hours.

Another reason for this long lasting is that it isnt just painted on the fabric, the paint is sucked into this – which requires more paint and a bit more time. Also the fact that my paint has one of the highest pigmentation let me paint directly with the color.

Can I wash it?

YES, you can and you should (No one should run away musky). The color is made for fabrics and last many many many washings as long you stay at or below 30°c / 80°f and avoid to use a tumble dryer. Some of the clothes I have been washed more than 20 times and it still looks almost as good as new.

How long does the paint last?

Unlike normal prints what has the paint on the fabric, this is gotten into the fabric – mostly that deep, that it comes out on the inner side of it. With this, it last way longer than normal prints as long you stay at or below 30°c / 80°f and avoid to use a tumble dryer.

What are those colors?

The colors I am using are special made for fabrics. It also has one of the highest pigmentation which allows me to use any color directly on any other color of the fabric. Like white paint on a black shirt.

Can I choose the colors too?

Yes, of course. You can choose your favorite colors if you want – there almost no limitations for it.

What colors can I choose?

I have the basic colors like white, black, red, orange, yellow, blue, green and also glow-color

is it possible to upload my own design? (Commission)

Yes of course you can upload your own design. But keep in mind that the technique I am using is based on a stencil. Which means that your Idea has to fit or needs to be fitted to this and this can require some time and extra workload. Feel free to hit me with your idea and I’m sure that we will find a solution.

Is this also fully customizable?

Yes of course it is customizable! Its also possible to use both sides or printing on the side of the shirt too. Since im not using an sieve to print, I don’t have limitations like this in size or position.

Can the paint age?

Yes, the paint will aging. The often you use it the more you can see that it gets older. But unlike normal digital printings, It only becomes small cracks – this is a normal process because the fabric is moving and the paint cant move that much. But since it is worked in to the fabric, it can last as long the fabrics last.

But dont you worry – with those “aging” it get slowly a kind of vintage-look. Wich means it will look different from time to time, but not as bad as a Print on the Fabric like you get on Spreadshirt, Redbubble, etc.

Can you paint it on everything?

No. The paint is made for cotton with max 10% of streacheble fabrics too. But I have experience that a different paint can be put on non-cotton-fabrics. Such as Ortlieb bikebags for example.