I am Martini, a small snowfox from the northwest of Germany.

I am, obviously, an antrophormorphic arctic fox. White and fluffy. Civilised but still wild and a part of the furry-community.

And as an digital artist, illustrator and designer, drawing became a language – it let me handle moods, feelings and daily things I have to deal with and transfer it into something creative. To me, it is like meditation, allowing me to switch off the hectic world that surrounds me and let my daydream, feeling or idea become visual.

Photography on the opposide pulls me outside, raise my curiosity and let me see this unique world in a different light. I do wedding-photography, personal shootings, product-, automotive-, nature- and wildlife photography. The spectrum on this is as wide as it can be. from hyperactive on a wedding to standstill and weeks of waiting for the right moment in a camo-tent. Using with studiolight to shoot a product or dealing with mixed light during weddings and shootings and nature light while photographing wildlife and landscapes make every time I capture the moments unique.

Creativity drives me to explore new ways. Every day is a new day you can learn something new – even it is just a tiny piece of the big puzzle.

Thank you for stopping by to explore my tiny foxy-world.


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