Hi everyone and welcome on my small design-den called “REYKJAVIK” in Germany. I’m creating all my designs, stencils, paintings here and baking the shirts too.

For a sneak peak, you can follow me on my telegram-chanel:

How it becomes an unique artwork…

The Technique im using is similar to the classic screen-printing but different. I don’t use a sieve – just the stencil I’m producing and this doesnt just give me the freedom of different sizes and positions, but also a higher variation in the use of color. Such as spray-painted effects, fadings, brushstrokes or special mixed colors which doesn’t work with a sieve. Of course, these techniques can be combined in any way – this multiplies the possibilities and the individuality of each work of art.This makes every piece unique.

Nothing but vivid colors

The colors I am using have one of the highest pigmentation – such as fluorescent and phosphorescent pigments in a combination to increase the vivitation. This allows me to paint directly on the fabric. No white base layer, no preparation or other tricks are needed. Only the pure color on the fabric can unleash the full potential of vibrancy and let it become alive. This turns a simple textile into a play of colors that can only be found in nature. Nothing but vivid colors!

But will it … glow?

The simple answer is YES. After more than a year of experimenting and testing, now I can say I have found a solid combination to mix a color that produces an afterglow. (After it was exposed to visible or UV-light) But not just that – I also work now fluorescent too, which are usually to thin to paint directly on dark materials. But as a fox, I have found a workaround and solved this issue. Aside the standard colors, there is a afterglow-white and now afterglow-neon in pink, yellow, green and blue available.

Arctic Yacht Club
Available soon
Portrait of the wolf – sprayed
Available soon
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Made to wear, made to enjoy

With great colors comes great durability? To be honest, nothing last forever. No fabric and no paint will remain forever. The paint is made to last and to give you many many many times a smile on your face when you use it. Some of the pieces I own are washed more than 20 times and the colors are still there and still vivid.

Grab it, wear it, enjoy it, wash it and repeat

The colors can’t fade away itself – it can just loose material on the fabric which gives the whole piece a light vintage look. But because it sticks deep into the fabric and inbetween all the fibers that hold everything together, the procress of getting “vintage” is a very slow procress that can be increased when disregarding the instructions. Such as higher temperatures, tumble dry, chemical cleaning or steam.


Can I wash it?

YES, you can and you should (No one should run around musky). The color is made for fabrics and last many many many washings as long you wash it at or below 30°c / 80°f and avoid to torture the artwork with a tumble dryer. Some of the clothes I have been washed more than 20 times and it still looks almost as good as new.

Small tip: graphic shirts last longer if you use the short-wash-program

Tumble dryer?

The tumble dryer ist a NO NO ZONE! Please don’t torture the artwork in a tumble dryer.

can I iron it?

On your own risk. But turn it inside out first and iron it carefully without steam.

Can I eat / vore it?

I do not recomment to use the artwork as food.

Is this also fully customizable?

Yes of course it is customizable! Its also possible to use both sides or printing on the side of the shirt too. Since im not using an sieve to print, I don’t have the same limitations. The maximum is 59x29cm

is it possible to upload my own design? (Commission)

Yes of course you can upload your own design. But keep in mind that the technique I am using is based on a stencil. Which means that your Idea has to fit or needs to be fitted to this, which can causing some time and extra workload. Feel free to hit me with your idea and I’m sure that we will find a solution.

What size can you print?

The maximum size for one piece is 29x59cm

Can you paint it on everything?

No. The paint is made for cotton with max 10% of streacheble fabrics too. But I have experience that a different paint can be put on non-cotton-fabrics. Such as Ortlieb bikebags for example.

Can you paint more than one design?

Yes, it is possible to have multiple designs on one shirt. (front, back, sides, arms, neck.

Is it possible to get the exact look twice?

No. because it is painted and not made by a machine. Every shirt, even the design is the same, will look different. That is because of the paintbrush I use and that makes every single shirt unique. Like a twin. It looks the same, but it is different in detail.

How long does the paint last?

Unlike normal prints who has the paint on the fabric, this is gotten into the fabric – deep enough that it shows on inside of the shirt. With this, it lasts way. With this, it last way longer than normal prints as long you wash it at or below 30°c / 80°f and avoid to tortue the artwork with a tumble dryer.

Small tip: graphic shirts last longer if you use the short-wash-program

What are those colors?

The colors I am using are special made for fabrics. It also has one of the highest pigmentation which allows me to use any color directly on any other color of the fabric without creating a white base-layer. Like white paint on a black shirt.

Are the colors harmfull or radioactive (glow color)

The colors are not harmful – of yourse you shouldn’t eat or vore the artwork! (In case you are not you because you getting hungry, eat a snickers or some other snack! )

The glow-color is not radioactive. The pigmets are phosphorescent and the afterglow can last from a few seconds to several hours after the end of exposure to light. The intensity of each afterglow will get lower until the special pigments recive new light. This charge and decharge process last longer than the paint itself. The biggest brightnes can be reached with UV light.

Can I choose the colors too?

Yes, of course. You can choose your favorite colors if you want – there almost no limitations for it.

What colors can I choose?

I have the basic colors like white, black, red, orange, yellow, blue, pink, green and also special colors like glow (uv active), gold and silver. Aside from glow, gold and silver, all colors can be mixed to create new colors.

Can the paint age?

Yes, the paint can and will age. The more often you use it the more you can see that it gets older. But unlike normal digital printings, It only gets small cracks – this is a normal process because the fabric is flexible and the paint doesn’t have the same flexibility as the fabric. But since it is worked in to the fabric, it can last as long as the fabric.

But dont you worry – with the “aging” it will slowly get a kind of vintage-look. Wich means it will look different from time to time, but the colors wont fade away like a Print on the fabric you get on Spreadshirt, Redbubble, etc.

Can the color fade away?

No, the color itself cant fade away, because it is paint and not ink. It has to be removed from the fabric to get a similar effect.

Can I refund it?

Becasue every shirt is individual made on request and this is a very small sidebusines, I can not refund the commission.

How long takes it to make the painting?

I’m doing this aside my main-job. Depending on the workload and complexity of the commissions it needs some time to be finished. In addition, arctic foxes are small mammals. I work alone, have tiny paws and often have to use a small ladder to get to tools or materials – which slows down the procress too.