Louder, more colorful and with awesome sounds again. This was the Shebb’n’House Party III – again at the worlds end. Thanks to everyone who made it happen. Thanks to Jonny & PlanB for all the technical stuff and awesome lighting show. Thanks for all the helping paws like Taeck Salo who fixed the roof too! And also thanks to the amazing DJs like Klimbin, MaCiD, Asgra & Sippo.

Feat. Bazer, Call me Chaos!, Cheetah, DarkDragon, Darknetic, Ender Faedrake, Enna, Ferox, Gravity, Icey, Jonny, Karex, KenYa, Kevin, Kipo, Ludra, Luna, Lunario, Lycandra, Mike.B, NeightCat, Neox/Taron, Nera, Ratchet, Rekaro, Ricochet, Rothritter, SciFox, Sheppy, Spawn, Suzu, Taeck Salo, Talo, TheSpeedZtar, Verpeilus, Voxel, Yait, Marco, Zephyr, Lepoxo, Noah, Nori

Until Shebb’n’House Party IV