Deal with beeing in a very bad appenticeship for almost 3 years isnt easy. but I made it and no matter what they trying to do, I was always said “fuck off” and never show that they got to me.
They never played by the rules, tryed to fire me twice, stopped teaching me, never cared about what I have learned but always tryed to force me to shorten my education because “I would cost them 6 months more money”….  3 bugs per hour…. They even had a problem with sexual abuse as I started there (on female coworkers!) Comply almost every 3rd day that I came 40 minutes early every day (Well if you have to travel 75km with the train, you have to add buffering time to deal with delays)…
And also they try to sabotage my thesis I worked on. But guess what?  I aced this part of it, because I did it on my own.  They never helped me, they never cared about it. 

Thought there couldnt be anything more annoying than Yoko-Ono, but I was wrong. 

I am happy that I dont have to deal with those parasites anymore….  and already had a NEW job in my picket since March 2020…  But never told em anything. 

(yes the bad spelling is on prupose – exept for one word, everything is wrong. Like this company)