velo polare

This is something different but still fox-like.

After I got hit by a car on my bicycle with last groceries for x-mas just 50meters away from my home, my custom made bicycle and all what I hat in my bag – including my drawing-tablet – turned into trash. I almost lost my knee at this evening and ended up in the ER of the hospital. Luckily for me, that I could walk away from this mess. Also luckily for the driver who caused this mess, I lost the key of by heavy bike-lock I was about to let him eat it without regrets.

Long story short: I got my tablet repaired (still fighting with the insurance “VERTI” for every cent) and bought a new bike.

Because I always dreamed of an fast bike that also had a longer range than others. After a few trial and errors I found it in a local store not far away. Thanks to my parents who supported me with a loan, I was able to buy it.

But I also had other plans in my mind and as soon as I arrived home, my brother helped me to carry this 31kg of a beast upstairs into my foxden in the 5th floor. I already created a design but in this case, all my knowledge about plotting, hand printing with stencils and crafting come together

And then I began to produce the plott-stickers for the mainframe:

Removing the security stickers and placing the papercuts first to see if this works. Most trickiest part was the battery door. But I managed this by cut it into 3 pieces and bend it over the edge.

At the end and after 5 hours of work. It looks amazing now. I also have rebranded the helmet and the Ortlieb-bags with velo polare to make it fit to my new bike. (feat. Bronchitistheredfox & Arthritisthewitefox)

Also I have designed an improved protector for the frame (keep away scratches from the lock) and the display, made of neoprene. It hides the display and avoid that stupid hoomans have stupid ideas.