My birthday I

It finally happened: I now can celebrate my second birthday as a snowfox. But how does this happen?

Long story short: I have ordered a partial suit in Japan long time ago.
The actual story of the day: I have visited the fushimi inari shrine in Kyoto in the early morning at the 4th of January 2024. It was a rainy morning and my still broken knee was again wining like a husky – but I continued to walk up the hill, passed by many shrines. Washed my paws, bow and payed my respect to the fox-spirits there. I wanted to take pictures of my plushies there between the many red gates, but the rain keept them on my backpack all the time.

After 2 hours I was down at the bottom again. The sun slowly showed up and the rain stopped. I turned arraund to try to catch it with my plushies, but as soon i cam close to the gates, the rain was there too. So I gave up at this point – obey that the spirits just want me walk back and see the rainbow at the foxy trainstation. I dont know why it was like this. Maybe the spirits just didnt wanted me to be at this place or because something bigger was awaiting.

It also ben told that whenever the sun shows up directly after the rain at this place, there is a spiritual fox-wedding taking place at the fushimi inari shrine…. part II