My birthday II

… It also ben told that whenever the sun shows up directly after the rain at this place, there is a spiritual fox-wedding taking place at the fushimi inari shrine….

And soon I was walking into a very small postoffice just next to our hotel in Kyoto. The fiendly people there instantly handle me the package as they where waiting for me all the time. And as soon I was back at the hotel with the magic box… There it was, the moment I was waiting so long.

And there it was, the fox in the box that is finally unleashed. :3 It is now my second birthday and a wonderful day too I still have to process: How lucky I am to get this package just after I have visited the fushimi inari shrine.

Pictures taken by Stavanger in Kyoto, Tojohashi (JMoF) and Mishima (Mt. Fuji)
Fursuit made by TrianonCreation